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Are you looking for the most cost effective way to market your lawn care company?


You have come to the right place.  Our website design services will build and design a website for you lawn service with no up front costs.  We will customize your website for your company and your city.  And best of all there is no up front cost.  You don’t pay until someone clicks on your site. 


A website can be the cheapest way of advertising and generating business for your lawn care company.  A website puts your companies name in front of a prospective client the very instant they are searching for your service. 


Our practices have helped lawn care companies grow tremendously.  Create a professional website to guide your customers to. 





Who we are


The Lawn Care Website is a full service company that helps lawn care companies create websites and optimize them for a certain city.  We only accept one client per city.


What We Do


The Lawn Care Website builds and maintains websites for clients in the lawn care industry.  We offer options with no up front costs and only charge you when you get results from your website.  Our tactics have worked and we have multiple websites ranking at the top of the search engines.  Let us help you get to the top of the search engines with you lawn care website. 


Why choose us


We will build and design your website for your lawn care business.  We want you to have the best website to promote and grow your business.  We will help you with your website.  We want your website to be found in the search engines.  We are experienced in building and designing websites for search engines. 




Find a Professional Lawn Care Service in Your Area


The Lawn Care Website was created to connect people who are looking for reliable lawn care businesses that provide quality lawn care services and genuinely care about the yards they service.   If you are looking for a lawn care business in your area scroll through the list on the right hand side of this page and find your city.  We try to only endorse quality lawn services that want to be successful and provide a professional service to their customers.  If you have any problems with any services listed on The Lawn Care Website please let us know immediately. 



Do you want to own a lawn care business?  Or do you already own a lawn care service?



The Lawn Care Website is your place to find everything you need to start or grow your lawn care business.  This website is maintained by a lawn care professional that has the experience of starting and maintaining a successful and growing lawn care service business.


What The Lawn Care Website can help with:


· Starting a lawn care service

· Growing a lawn care service

· Advertising a lawn care company

· Online marketing—This includes designing and customizing a website and marketing it to your target audience

· Bidding on work for lawn care

· Best practices for performing lawn care work

· Billing Lawn Care customers

· Accounting for your lawn care business


If you own a lawn care business you cannot operate like every other lawn service around.  You must be different.  You cannot be a generic lawn care business, because there are too many companies competing for the same customers.  When I was starting my lawn care business I did two things to differentiate myself from my competitors. 


1. I kept my costs as low as possible when starting, by outfitting my rig with only the necessities.  I started my company with less than $400 dollars worth of equipment.  I can help you get the equipment you need to start your business.  You will be able to upgrade your equipment as your business grows. 

2. I obtained almost all of my customers from the internet.  Instead of waiting for my word of mouth reputation to spread, I actively targeted customers with my website on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  I got so many calls I would have to turn away some customers until I bought more equipment and hired more employees.


First, let me tell you a little bit about myself.  My name is Tim and I started and currently operate a successful and growing lawn care business.  I was able to obtain over 250 maintenance properties in my first two years in business.  My first year I ended with 75 properties and after my second year my company was maintaining over 250 properties.  Was it easy?  No.  Nothing worth having never comes easy.  I worked hard and was determined to create my very own successful lawn care business. 


I graduated college with a degree in accounting, worked in the corporate world for a year and a half, and figured out that I hated sitting behind a desk all day.  I started a lawn care business and have not regretted it since.  


Get a lawn care website for no up front costs.  No experience necessary.  We will build the site any way you want it.  We will add your content and pictures for you.   You only pay if your site gets views!



Starting a Lawn Care Service:

Click here for more on starting a lawn care business


Starting a lawn care business can be a profitable venture.  Lawn care is an industry that will almost always be in demand.


If you plan on starting a lawn care business, you must start from scratch with the lawn mowing process—equipment setup, estimating, mowing, trimming, blowing, billing and bill collection—that is as efficient and effective as possible.  You do not have time to “work things out” as you go.  My experience in starting and growing a lawn care business from scratch can help you.  I learned everything on the go.  Don’t waste time trying to start a lawn mowing business without talking to me first.  I can save you hours of time by making you more efficient from the start.


On of the biggest concerns for a new lawn mowing business is obtaining new customers.  I will help you market your business to the customers who are looking for your service.  There are tons of cheap marketing opportunities out there for a new lawn care business.  I will also set you up with your very own website and I will optimize it for your service area.  You don't pay a dime unless your website gets views. 


You have found the right site if you are looking to start a new lawn care business.  Lawn services are one of the easiest companies to start.  This is one of the reasons why there are so many lawn care services out there.  But what differentiates the good from the bad is the ability to obtain and retain valuable lawn care clients.  Our lawn care marketing and advertising systems will help you get your name in front of people that are current looking for a new lawn care service. 


There are many sites on the internet that claim that there is a sure fire way to make money in lawn care, but guess what, many of those sites have never started or ran a successful lawn care business.  Starting a successful business is not easy, but with my procedures and tools you can have your very own profitable lawn care service. 


One of the hardest things to do when starting a lawn service is getting new customers.  We have perfected marketing and clients will actually seek you out.  We will guide you and provide marketing materials to you to help you get your business name out there. 


There are many ways to start lawn care business.  Commercial lawn care equipment is great, but you do not need it to start a lawn care service.  You can start a lawn service with the tools available in your garage.  What you need to know is how to market and advertise your business to the correct customers.  We know how to obtain customers for people starting out in the lawn care business with just a 21 inch mower, trimmer, and blower.  Contact us if you need help setting up your new lawn care business and to obtain customers to start a lawn care business.


We are confident that we can help you get customers no matter how you are trying to start your lawn care service.  We have marketing plans for small yards and marketing plans for 1+ acre yards that we have used and are proven to work. 



Contact us today for a new lawn care business consultation:



Growing a Lawn Care Business:


So you already have a lawn care business and you are looking for new customers.  Have you tried the internet?  Everyday there are more and more people searching for services on the internet.  Get your company in front of them.  We can set up a website and optimize it for your city for no up front cost to you.


Do you have a website? And does it rank on the first page of Google, or Yahoo for the search terms you want it too?  If not, then you are missing out on a huge number of people that are looking for your service.  Like I said before, we obtain almost all of our customers from people looking for our service on the interned.  Our lawn care website generates tons of business.  We can help your growing lawn care company set up a website and get it working for you.  Our website has been our cheapest form of advertising and has been producing the best results for our business.


If you have a lawn care company that is struggling to obtain new customers then a website is a must.  A website will make you lawn care business look more professional and get your name in front of potential customers at the exact moment they are looking for your service. 


Let us help you with our proven marketing techniques that we have developed.  There are tons of lawn care businesses out there.  Successful lawn services differentiate themselves from the others.  This can be done in many ways; providing a better service, a better marketing strategy, offering a specialty service, or being the lowest cost service. (although I would not recommend this last one)




Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does it cost to get started in the lawn care business? 

If you already have a truck you can buy the necessary equipment for around $400.  We will show you what you need and what kinds of lawns you will be able to service with that equipment.


How much can I expect to make in the lawn care business?

This depends on many factors: full time or part time, the city you live in, are you going to be solo, or hire a crew.  To be honest, the sky is the limit, but it will take a lot of hard work.   But when starting a lawn business and working solo you can expect to make anywhere between $250-350 per day.  The average lawn will pay between $25-35 per mow.  A new lawn business owner should be able to mow 10 lawns per day.  Now when you start picking up new customers you will be able to hire someone to work with you.  The amount of lawns you cut per day will increase and your income will increase as well.  The possibilities are endless with a lawn care business.


Do I need to quit my current full time job if I start a lawn care service? 

No.  You will be able to start your lawn service working only part time at night and on the weekends.  I actually started my lawn care business this way.  I started mowing yards on the weekends.  As my business grew I had to start mowing some yards at night after work.  Eventually my business grew so much that the only way to service all of my yards was to quit my office job and take care of my lawn care business full time. 




Find a Lawn Care Service in your City:


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We have many different programs to choose from.  Let us help you start your lawn care business, or grow your lawn service to revenues you can only dream of.


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